Diksionåriu Advanced

Advanced Search Options

Use wildcards in any of the blanks. These will work in the main search page, as well:

* = any number of characters
han* → starts with "han..."
*anao → ends with "...anao"
fan*yan → starts with "fan...", ends in "...yan"
? = one character
pott? → "potta", "potte", "potto"
?okse → "fokse", "hokse"

Basic search ignores dash (-) and glotta ('). Wildcard searches are sensitive to these characters.

Most blanks search for entries that contain that term.
Example: hamyo in 'Examples' returns entries with hamyo anywhere in the example text.

'Entry' however, is exact by default.
Example: ham in 'Entry' returns ham, but not hami unless you include wildcards (for example: ham*)